Apr 16, 2012


The Abstract Window Toolkit (AWT) is a library of java packages that forms a part of the java API. It includes over 25 packages that define hundreds of classes used for Graphical User Interface (GUI). The AWT classes contained in the java.awt package. The following diagram illustrate the component hierarchy.

This package provides an integrated set of classes to manage user interface components like windows, dialog boxes, button, checkbox, lists, menus, scrollbars and text fields. The Component class, which implements the common functionality, is the super class for all GUI elements.                
          Every component has a unique container that directly contains it. A container is a window like component that can contain other components. It has special properties, including layout manager and insets. It is a sub class of Component.
          A window class creates a top-level window. It sits directly on the desktop. It is a subclass of container.
          A Frame is a subclass of Window and has a title bar, menu bar, a cursor and an icon image.


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